This is the best Pumpkin Pie ever, seriously!

This is the Best Pumpkin Pie ever! Seriously!  Life Currents #pie #pumpkin #pumpkin pie #thanksgiving #fall #autumn #dessert #traditional

Pumpkin Pie is my favorite kind of pie. This one may be more work, but it’s worth it!

Ok, I’ve made many a pumpkin pie in my life. After all, it’s my husband’s favorite pie. Homemade pumpkin pie is so good and so easy to make. Just stir it all together, pour it in the crust, and throw it in the oven. (seriously, you can make a much better one than you can buy, and it isn’t much work at all!) And, when America’s Test Kitchen said this one was better than the rest I had my doubts. In fact, I didn’t even want it to be better than the rest because it’s more work.

What? You have to pre-cook the filling? And then you have to strain it? What? I’m not going to all that work when I’m sure it tastes just like all the rest.

Well, let me say that I’ve been wrong before, and it happened again here. This is simply the best pumpkin pie I’ve ever had. Creamy. Pumpkin-y. Custardy. Sturdy without being heavy. Good balance of spice. But, I do have to disagree with them on one matter: pre-baked crust. Both the husband and I love the pie soaked crust. So I don’t pre-bake.

I highly recommend that you take a little extra time for the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie this year and make this one. Heck, make two; it’s that good!

This is the Best Pumpkin Pie ever! Seriously!  Life Currents  #pie #pumpkin #pumpkin pie #thanksgiving #fall #autumn #dessert #traditional

This is the best Pumpkin Pie
Adapted from America’s Test Kitchen
Makes one 9-inch pie

1 cup heavy cream
1 cup whole milk
3 large eggs plus 2 large yolks
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 (15-ounce) can pumpkin puree
1 cup drained candied yams from 15-ounce can*
¾ cup sugar
¼ cup pure maple syrup
¼ teaspoon ground ginger
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
¼ teaspoon ground nutmeg
1 teaspoon finely ground sea salt
1 pie crust, homemade or store-bought

Preheat oven to 400° F. Adjust oven rack to lowest position, and place rimmed baking sheet on the rack.

Whisk cream, milk, eggs, yolks, and vanilla together in medium bowl, and set aside.

Combine pumpkin puree, yams, sugar, maple syrup, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and salt in large heavy-bottomed saucepan; bring to sputtering simmer over medium heat, 5 to 7 minutes. Continue to simmer pumpkin mixture, stirring constantly and mashing yams against sides of pot, until thick and shiny, 10 to 15 minutes.

Remove pan from heat and whisk in cream mixture until fully incorporated. Strain mixture through fine-mesh strainer set over medium bowl, using back of ladle or spatula to press solids through strainer. Re-whisk mixture.

Place pie crust in pie plate and carefully place plate on the preheated baking sheet. Pour the filling into the pie crust, and bake for 10 minutes at 400° F. Without taking the pie out of the oven, reduce the heat to 300° F, and continue baking until edges of pie are set (instant-read thermometer inserted in center registers 175° F), 20 to 35 minutes longer. The center 2 inches of the pie should look firm but jiggle slightly; the pie finishes cooking with residual heat.

Transfer to wire rack and cool to room temperature and not in the refrigerator to ensure that the filling sets, 2 to 3 hours. Cut into wedges and serve at room temperature or chilled with whipped cream.

Cook’s Notes: If candied yams are unavailable, regular canned yams can be substituted.

This is the Best Pumpkin Pie ever! Seriously!  Life Currents  #pie #pumpkin #pumpkin pie #thanksgiving #fall #autumn #dessert #traditional

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  1. says

    Hello Debi,
    One of my favourites is pumpkin pie and I always make mine from scratch. I have never put yams in it though. This does sound good. Thanks for sharing.


  2. says

    I love your pictures and recipes. We would love
    to invite you to register with and upload your pictures.

    Hope to see you there. :)

  3. Chad says

    Just finish cooking the pies for this years Thanksgiving and once again I used this amazing recipe. This has to be one of my favorite Pumpkin Pie recipes, it does requires a little more work but it is well worth it for the final product. The yams and maple syrup made the pie a bit sweeter and enhanced the pumpkin flavor. While the cooking temperature really made for a lighter and creamy texture. One trick I tried this year was to use a blender or a food processor instead of the strainer to thoroughly mix and remove any lumps in the filling. Great post thanks.

  4. Jaclyn says

    I seem to have a lot of filling leftover. Can I freeze this and re-use at another time? Or do you have suggestions on what to do with the extra filling?

  5. Debi says

    When I have extra filling, I usually pour it into small oven proof ceramic dishes and bake them along with the pie. They will not take as long as the pie, so check them about 10-20 mintues before the pie is done. Now you have pumpkin custards (and, I love to top them with some sour cream). Actually, this is my favorite way to each pumpkin pie… As a custard with no crust but with sour cream.

  6. Holly says

    I tried this recipe for Thanksgiving. I was unsure as to whether or not to drain the excess liquid from the candied yams or use it, so I used it. The pie ended up not setting up perfectly and took about 15 minutes longer to bake. I think next time, I won’t use the extra liquid. Regardless, this pie was absolutely beautiful – it almost looked fake (I’m big on presentation when it comes to baking so this was a big bonus for me :), and the flavor was the best of any pumpkin pie I’ve ever tried, and I LOVE pumpkin pie. It was so rich and creamy! Definitly worth the extra fuss. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Debi says

    Thank you so much for the comment and the feedback! This is what makes doing the blog worth it. And, thanks for the clarification on the yams (drained or not). I’ll go back and clarify the recipe that it should be the drained solids only. Thanks!!!!! :)

  8. Justine says

    This pie sounds delicious and I’d love to try making it this Thanksgiving. Just to clarify, after you put the pie crust in the plate, do you immediately add the filling and bake as directed (10 min at 400 degrees and 20-35 min at 300 degrees)? Or do you bake the crust alone 10 min, then add the filling and bake 20-35 min at 400? Lastly, should the pie be baked the whole time on the lowest rack? Thanks so much!

  9. says

    Let me know how you like it. I’ll be making it for T-day as well. Personally, I like the pie soaked crust, so I don’t pre-bake the crust. America’s Test Kitchen said the crust should be pre-baked. So, I guess it’s personal preference, but I think it’s easier and tastier to NOT pre-bake the crust. So, bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes – this sort of sears the pie. Then turn the heat down to 300 and continue baking at 400 degrees for 20-35 minutes longer. I think I’ll add a little more detail to the recipe. Thanks for the question on that. And, yep, bake the pie on the lowest rack the whole time. Once the pie is in the oven, no need to take it out until it’s done.

  10. Debbie A. says

    I was in search of the best pumpkin pie recipe for my first try, and boy, did I find a winner! The flavor and silky smoothness of the pie is just wonderful. My husband and children loved it! My husband even declared the pie to be better than his great-grandmother’s, and she was an amazing cook/baker. Thank you so much!

  11. says

    Debbie, you are very welcome! I’m so happy it was a hit! :) And, than YOU for taking the time to write me such a wonderful comment; you made my day! :) :)

  12. John says

    I love pumpkin pie! I make it all throughout the year. I think mine is amazing, but I love the way this calls for the yams. I’m making it soon. I can’t wait. Thank you. :-)

  13. Taylor says


    Thank you for this wonderful recipe! I have a very small oven though – do you think it would be alright to bake without the cookie sheet underneath??

    Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. says

    It would be fine. I always bake with a sheet under because I’ve had the filling bubble over on several pies. It saves me from having to clean the oven. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!!! :)

  15. Vikki says

    I really dislike pumpkin pie. I want to like it, but it’s just too….well, pumpkiny. This year, we’re hosting my in-laws for Thanksgiving and I let my father-in-law choose what pie I’d make. You guessed it- pumpkin! I found this recipe and just got the pie in the oven. I have already eaten all of what didn’t make it through the strainer! I can’t believe how much I love it!!! I’m so glad I won’t have to choke down gross pie tomorrow… THANK YOU!!!

  16. says

    First off, you totally just made my day!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this to me and let me know. This is why I write a blog. This is why I love to share. So, thank you. Thank you. And, happy Thanksgiving to you and to your father-in-law! :)

  17. valleygirl says

    I just made this but it took nearly an hour and half to be done in the middle…and then I woke up this morning and the entire middle is all cracked! I kept checking the temp and watching it so I’m doubtful that I overcooked it but maybe? Any idea?

  18. Tammy Eisenberg says

    This pie was extraordinary! I have a deep-dish ceramic pie pan and the filling was the perfect amount to come all the way to the top. Texture was, as promised, creamy, smooth, velvety. I cut the white sugar to 1/2 C, since I used candied yams, but the maple syrup I use is grade B for rich flavor. I also adore cloves, so I added an additional 1/4 t. of ground cloves. This is my official Thanksgiving pie from now on!!

  19. says

    I’d guess that it was overcooked. You want to wait for it to be just slightly undercooked (The center 2 inches of the pie should look firm but jiggle slightly) because the heat stays in the pie and it actually finishes setting up while it rests on the counter. And, I’ve always believed that some cracks in the top are ok, because, really it’s all about how the pie tastes, no one cares if it’s cracked. :)

  20. says

    This is so interesting! I never knew there was more than one way to make pumpkin pie! I’ll definitely be trying this- pinning!

  21. Leanna says

    I am so excited to try making this pie, however will fresh pumpkin puree work rather than canned?

  22. says

    I think it would be fine to use homemade puree rather than canned. I’ve made many pumpkin pies with fresh puree, and the puree seems about the same. If your puree is a little watery (as I’ve seen some homemade ones), I’d say you’ll want to drain it a bit until it’s thick like the canned stuff. This really is a great pie! I can’t wait to make it for Thanksgiving this year!

  23. Yvonne says

    All of the cans of candied yams are full of corn syrup, which I am trying to avoid. However, I did find some organic pureed sweet potato (not candied) do you think this would work? Thanks

  24. says

    Yvonne, yes, I think sweet potato puree would work as well. Also, regular canned yams can be substituted; I’ve seen cans of organic canned yams at the store as well. Happy Thanksgiving!

  25. David says

    Wow. This pie came out amazing. It tastes smooth and creamy and delicious. And it looks beautiful too! Thank you!!!!!

  26. Yvonne says

    Made this pie for Thanksgiving. I did not like it. Way to sweet and I even cut back in the sugar also,way to creamy. Not like traditional pumpkin pie. It does have good flavor However, taste like a creme brulee in a pie than a traditional pumpkin pie. On the search for a better pie.


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