Organizing the Bathroom

As part of the healthy living cleanse that I’m taking on, I’m also cleaning the house. And, after living here for more than 13 years, it really needs it.

bathroom medicine cabinet

I love magnets. I have tons of them. And, I love that things like tweezers, scissors, pencil sharpeners, and tins from Burt’s Bees can just be attached to the inside of the medicine cabinet door.

There’s so much stuff that accumulates, and you feel that you need to keep every little memento. I’ve come to a point that there’s too much stuff and some of it needs to go. Go to Goodwill. Go to the recycle bin. Go to other people. Go to the trash.

The first step of sorting and cleaning is the longest and hardest. You have to pull everything out just to see it all. But, once that’s done, the fun part starts.

I love organizing; always have. I’ve always been an organized person. But, I’ve seen some really cool ideas on Pintrest, and I wanted to be even more organized. Besides, it’s always good to fine tune your home because it will get out of whack just through daily regular use. I also love the office supply store; there’s so much cool stuff. It’s ok, I know I’m a bit of a dork.

I started in the bathrooms (they’re smaller) and there has to be less stuff in there! So, here are some of my accomplishments in the bathrooms.

a clean and organized medicine Cabinet in the master bathroom

This is inside my medicine cabinet. I’m lucky that the whole thing is made of metal so it’s all magnetic. There’s a small magnetic bin to hold all my eye make-up: liners, mascara, etc. I attached a couple small hair clips to that for a quick grab. Next to that is a small gift bag that I used to hold a bottle of perfume and there’s another bag with little chewy calcium squares in it. I repositioned the shelves so that they fit those small jars perfectly as well.

pony tail holders

I’ve seen a few different ideas for corralling pony tail holders (carabiners, shower curtain rings,), but I decided to use a large pony tail barrette that I already had stored in the hair accessories box. Easy, already there, and no additional equipment to buy or store.

cough drops

Since we’ve had a few colds lately, I put some cough drops in a pretty glass container on the counter. It makes it easy to grab some as you’re headed out the door in the morning, or if you need one in the middle of the night. And, whatever’s in the jar can change – vitamins, those chewy calcium squares, packets of EmergenC, whatever you need at that time.

metal hair clips

I placed all the metal hair clips in one of those cute little fabric gift bags. I have a ton of these little bags, and I like that this one is see-through. The clips can also be hung on the inside of the medicine cabinet with magnets.

detail on the inside of the guest bathroom medicine cabinet

detail on the inside of the guest bathroom medicine cabinet. The old worn piece of paper was left by some prior home owners and it makes me laugh that it’s so old, so I leave it there.

The guest bathroom medicine cabinet

The guest bathroom medicine cabinet. I used magnets again! And, I love those little metal bins to hold smaller things together.

bobby pins on a magnet strip

I used magnetic strips to store bobby pins behind the medicine cabinet door

barrettes on magnets

On the same medicine cabinet door, I used some large round magnets to store barrettes

Now, I’m off to different rooms. The first room I’ll be taking on is the guest room/craft room.I’ve already started, and I’ve already figured out that this is a HUGE project. Wish me luck!

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    We love the whole magnet idea to keep track of bobby pin and barrettes! Thank you for linking up with “Strut Your Stuff Saturday.” We would love to have you come back and share more great ideas next Saturday. -The Sisters


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