Family Memories, of the future

Family Memories, of the future: A letter to Kiera

Family Memories, of the future: A letter to Kiera  |  Life Currents  #family #love #memories #future

As part of Good Not Perfect’s Spring Balance project, I took on the homework assignment of Family Memories. I thought a lot about the topic, a lot, and honestly, there wasn’t one memory that stood out to me as the a-ha! moment. But, as I thought about memories, I thought about you, Kiera, and the memories I hope to be part of in your future. The memories Dan and I hope to be part of.

I thought about watching you grow up at the beach. I thought about seeing you after a full day of fun, running around, swimming to the dock, jumping off, living, learning, encountering nature and life. I thought about how you’ll fall asleep, hard asleep after one of these days, and you’ll have sand in your hair, and barnacles in your toes, and you’ll be a little sun burned. You’ll be exhausted from all that fun. And, you’ll have a smile on your face as you sleep, pretty much passed out from fun.

I think about teaching you to build your own sling shot from branches you find in the forest. Why a sling shot? I don’t really know. It just seems so iconic, so perfectly child-like. Dan’ll teach you to skip rocks (I have no skills in that department).

We’ll help you learn to build things. Rustic bird houses or things from clay or things from paper. Or fun crafts and kid-like wonderment items. We’ll show you cool science things that I hope you’ll watch in wonderment, only wanting to learn more and do more.

I’ll teach you to cook. I’ll help you learn about food, and how wonderful it is. I’ll help you learn about the balance of food too. Healthy wonderful food, and how important it is to your body to fuel properly. (You’ll need lots of fuel to do all that running and swimming). I think about watching you grow, and change, and become your own person. A person with likes and opinions. I look forward to hearing your opinions, and having my own changed by yours.

I look forward to many years of happiness getting to know you.

So, my Family Memories post is about the future, and how wonderful it’ll be, both for you and all that growing and learning you’ll do. But, also for me, and all that growing and leaning I’ll do with you.

Family Memories, of the future: A letter to Kiera  |  Life Currents  #family #love #memories #future

Thanks, Good Not Perfect, for this exercise. I very much enjoyed it.

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  1. David Wayland says

    I look forward to watching all those things with a smile on my face.

    I think I have a branch in my eye or something.

  2. says

    I Imagine my girl doing so many things when I watch her sleep. Every single day I promise myself to be there for her no matter what. And one of my biggest challenge is to watch every detail of her hoping that I will never forget them even when she is grown up. Every memory I can have is precious and priceless.


  3. says

    I love that. What a great way to reflect. I think you really have a great action plan as far as where to go when you’re scheduling your family time. While the hours are short in a day, you can find time for those small moments at least once or twice each week. Make that bucket list and make it a priority!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Two Healthy Kitchens says

    Beautiful. That’s really all there is to say. Beautiful that you will share so many truly authentic and meaningful moments … not video games and potato chips, but nature and wonder and inquiry. That’s one lucky kiddo (and lucky you, too :D). ~Shelley


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