Open-faced Tuna Melt

Open-faced Island Trollers Tuna Sandwich is a perfect summer lunch. Easy to make, fresh, and delicious! by Life Currents

This Open-faced Island Trollers Tuna Melt is a great light lunch for these summer months. Easy to mix up. Quick to cook. And, delicious to eat. All the fresh herbs in the tuna mix really help it say summer. And, with the cheese and tomatoes, it’s a special treat that’s just more fun than a regular tuna fish sandwich.

Weeknight Italian Tomato Soup

Easy Weeknight Italian Tomato Soup with or without Shrimp #vegan #seafood #soup

Weeknight Italian Tomato Soup (with or without Shrimp) is super easy and yummy! It uses a super quick ingredient that you may already have handy: marinara sauce!

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