Polenta Pizza

Polenta Pizza by Life Currents, a fun new twist on deep dish pizza!

I thought it would be fun to make a pizza for Brown bag Lunch Month. I mean, who doesn’t like to get pizza in their lunch bag!And, a fun new twist on the traditional pizza was in order. That’s where this easy to make Polenta Pizza comes in. Fun, yummy, and topped with lots of veggies!

Southwestern Falafel

Southwestern Falafel with Easy Spanish Rice and Green Salad by Life Currents http://lifecurrents.dw2.net

I’ve needed a little bit of inspiration for dinner lately. I feel like we are in a bit of a rut. So, I decided to turn to some old recipes that I haven’t made in a long time. I guess, what’s old is new again. This Southwestern Falafel with Easy Spanish Rice and Green Salad was a big hit, and I’ll be making it again by request!

Smoky Cheese Chowder

smoky cheese chowder by Life Currents

Smoky Cheese Chowder, a lovely hearty winter soup, filled with smoky cheese, corn, and potatoes. Sometimes, you need a quick and easy dinner from stuff you have stocked in the house. I call this Cupboard Cooking. I keep most of these ingredients around my kitchen. About the only thing special I needed to buy was… 

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