Italian Apricot Stew

italian apricot stew by Life Currents a Childhood Favorites Remade

I’m bringing you the next Childhood Favorites Remade! This dish is something my mom made when I was in high school. Italian Apricot Chicken, which I’m now calling Italian Apricot Stew. It was super easy to make. I think this Italian Apricot Stew recipe stands the test of time. Still really easy, and super yummy, full flavored with lots of herbs and spices. Vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

Vegetarian Holiday Stuffing

Vegetarian Holiday Stuffing | Life Currents

This is my Vegetarian Holiday Stuffing that I’ve been perfecting for many years. When I first became a vegetarian about 25 years ago I decided that I needed Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner to be tasty, just like they were when I ate meat. So, I set forth to make a great stuffing. And, I think… 

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