Personal Connections

Personal Connections: a letter to my readers and blogger friends

Personal Connections & Thank You: I’m constantly amazed by the connections that this blog has given me. I’ve met some amazing people with amazing stories. And, I love this community of friends that have grown out of just a “simple” computer. #thankYou #connections #blogger

Mexican Flatbread Pizza

Mexican Flatbread Pizza | Life Currents #vegetarian #pizza #Mexican

So there you are with a jar of homemade Easy Enchilada Sauce in your fridge. And, there are those flatbreads that you bought over on the counter. And, well, you might be feeling adventurous, and that’s how this Mexican Flatbread Pizza happened. Spread the flatbread with some Easy Enchilada Sauce, throw on some Mexican toppings… sweet corn with savory Enchilada Sauce and spicy Pepper Jack cheese, and top it all off with creamy avocado, and you’ve got yourself an amazing Mexican Flatbread Pizza.