Cherry Lambic Granita is a fun frozen treat that doesn't need an ice cream machine, and it has a little adult beverage kick! by Life Currents

Cherry Lambic Granita

When Tara asked me to do another guest post for Noshing with the Nolands during the summer months, I knew right away what I was going to make for her. Something light, refreshing, yummy, easy to make, and with a little adult beverage kick! And thus, the Cherry Lambic Granita was created! (You may remember my last guest post for Noshing with the … [Read More...]

Apricots with Basil-Cream Cheese and Almonds are a great snack, appetizer, or a wonderful addition to Tapas night! by Life Currents

Apricots with Basil-Cream Cheese and Almonds

To finish off your Tapas night, a little dessert: Apricots with Basil-Cream Cheese and Almonds. Well, maybe it falls in the cheese course category, but with the honey and the apricot it’s on the sweet side, so I’d eat them at the end of the meal. That doesn’t mean you can’t nosh on the at… 

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Crockpot Herbed Almonds are a great appetizer that are super easy to make becasue you getto use the slow cooker! by Life Currents

Crock Pot Herbed Almonds

I love making these Crock Pot Herbed Almonds or Party Nuts for any kind of party. From Tapas night to a small happy hour to a baby shower to Thanksgiving dinner, I’ve made these for every type of gathering. They’re a perfect addition to my Tapas spread that I’ve been sharing: Grilled Red Pepper and… 

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These crispy bites of heaven are light & flaky savory shortbread with the nuttiness of Manchego cheese by Life Currents

Manchego Crackers

I’m helping to build a great Tapas spread for you! And today I have a really fun and delicious little Manchego Cracker recipe as part of the spread. These crispy little Manchego Crackers are light and flaky savory shortbread crackers with the nuttiness of Manchego cheese. The cayenne pepper gives them a nice little kick… 

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Grilled Red Pepper and Garlic Dip is a great addition to Tapas night, and a really fun summer appetizer. Pin now, you'll love this dip!

Grilled Red Pepper and Garlic Dip

I love tapas night! And, sometimes life gets so busy that I forget how much fun it really is. So, to help remind me, and to build a great fun tapas spread, I’m bringing you some awesome Tapas recipes for the next few posts, starting with this deliciously full-flavored and easy to make Grilled Red… 

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Enchilada Pasta is a quick and easy dinner recipe, and it's something your family will ask for again and again!

Enchilada Pasta

The longest part of this Enchilada Pasta recipe is waiting for the water to boil. Other than that, dinner’s ready in no time (and it’s a one-pot meal)! It’s a dinner your family will love and ask for again and again.

Double Cherry Popsicles are a fun and healthy way to cool off this summer! Come get 'em! By Life Currents

Double Cherry Popsicles

Double Cherry Popsicles are easy to make, and a great fun way to cool off this summer! They’re also healthy with all those yummy fresh cherries.

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